Centurion Chess Club

Centurion Chess Club meets at Hoërskool Centurion (in the media centre) on Wednesday evenings from 18:00-20:00

Map and directions to the School's Media Centre is on the Contact Us page.

Midstream Chess Club - a satellite club of Centurion Chess - meet on Mondays from 17:00 to 19:00 in the Midstream Salsa Restaurant.

Our focus is on playing chess, and we do so at club events in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment.

Our members range from beginners to seasoned chess players and if you are a chess player of any strength or age you should feel right at home and we look forward to seeing you at the club. (Our club boasts entire families all playing together)

Anyone is welcome to join our club evenings for a couple of times before deciding whether to join - Contact us via email or FB for more info, or simply arrive.

Have a look at our new Club Ladder Section - to see member standings for the previous year

To join our club: (The below needs to be done annually, for each calendar year)

Please contact us at chessclubcenturion@gmail.com with any queries.

Please Like our Facebook page

Coaching: We are embarking on partnering with coaches - see our page of listed Centurion Chess Club Coaches .

Whether you are a serious chess player chasing that ultimate rating, or just a social player looking for people who share your passion for chess, this is the club for you!  Centurion Chess Club currently consists of around 80 members ages 8 to 82.