Welcome to Centurion Chess Club.

We meet 20:00 every Thursday evening at 190 Basden avenue, Centurion (oppiestoep) .

Our Junior Chess club meets at the same venue at 18:00 with Mr. Anton Salverda.

 The Centurion Chess Club (CCC) is the oldest and proudest chess club in Centurion. We offer all chess players in our community the opportunity to participate in friendly chess evenings, to meet new chess friends, to play competitive league and club championship matches and to share their love for the game.

In a relaxed environment, we offer a variety of chess evenings specifically chosen to meet everyone’s preferences. Our members range in playing strength from the regular club player, the online enthusiast, the old provisional player or just new beginners. At the CCC you will definitely find your match.

Our club meets every Thursday but please refer to our calendar section to see what is happening this week.

Please feel free to drop by on any club evening or alternatively get in contact with us and we will gladly provide you with more information.